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                Adversarial Security Testing

                Identify and remediate gaps as highly certified security consultants help test your security defenses and response capabilities

                Battle testing security defenses and incident response capabilities

                As threats continuously evolve, it’s critical for your organization to take proactive steps toward understanding how you’d fare against the latest adversarial tools and techniques. How can you best measure your level of preparedness? With goal-based security testing assessments that exploit your IT ecosystem for both known and unknown vulnerabilities—before your adversaries can.

                Your attack surface changes continuously, but the Secureworks® Adversary Group (SwAG) has you covered.

                Our team will pressure-test your IT ecosystem against these threats and more:

                • Ransomware
                • Supply chain threats
                • Custom-developed applications
                • Remote and mobile vulnerabilities

                Our dedicated team of experienced testers emulate adversaries and leverage the best offensive and defensive threat intelligence, shining a light on your organization’s riskiest areas. This helps enable risk-based, actionable remediation efforts across your systems, infrastructure, applications, and detection and response capabilities.

                High-level Benefits

                Gain Assurance

                Gain Assurance

                Test your applications, networks, infrastructure, cloud assets, personnel, and more to improve your security posture

                Prepare Better

                Prepare Better

                Gain critical insight from an adversary’s perspective and receive actionable recommendations from each engagement to enhance your security

                Achieve Compliance

                Achieve Compliance

                Establish controls to help maintain compliance with best practices, regulations, and industry mandates

                Adversarial Security Testing Services

                The Secureworks Adversary Group delivers a variety of adversary emulation services to help organizations of all sizes, verticals, and maturity levels understand their security weaknesses and vulnerabilities, improve defenses, and build incident readiness capabilities.

                • Penetration Testing

                  Identify the ways a threat actor would gain access to your infrastructure.

                  Penetration Testing
                • Application Security Testing

                  Reduce risk by assessing critical applications to help prioritize remediation actions.

                  Application Security Testing
                • Red/Purple Team Exercises

                  Evaluate your response to a stealthy, highly sophisticated adversary or embark on a variety of collaborative services to gain additional adversary insight and help improve your security posture.

                  Red/Purple Team Exercises
                • Specialized Engagement & Custom Work

                  The Secureworks Adversary Group is a large, seasoned group of world-class hackers. While we offer the standard adversarial testing services you'd expect from a consultancy of our size, we also offer custom testing of unique devices, systems, and threat models. No matter what devices, systems, software or threat model you are working with, if it can be attacked by an adversary – we can do it for you. Here are some examples:

                  • IoT, OT, Embedded Devices
                  • Vehicle Systems Testing (Automotive, CANBUS, autonomous, vessels, aircrafts)
                  • Custom wireless applications (non-standard, non-802.11)
                  • Blockchain-integrated applications
                  • Hardware device reverse-engineering and adversarial testing
                  • High-speed password cracking and analysis
                  • Medical device teardown, reverse-engineering, and adversarial testing
                  • SAP

                  Learn More

                Why Secureworks Adversary Group

                The Secureworks Adversary Group’s primary mission is to help customers be more secure. All they do — day in and day out — is security testing. Our testers are passionate about security and are continuously honing their skills through training, knowledge exchange with their peers, and exercising those skills (and winning) at the world’s largest Capture the Flag (CTF) events.

                Our experienced testers leverage a goal-based approach to testing, combining the strength of years of practical hands-on experience, highly specialized skill sets, integrated threat intelligence, and lessons learned from over 2,500 unique testing engagements conducted annually. This helps enhance security outcomes and enable pragmatic, proactive improvements that matter to your organization.

                Global team of dedicated world-class ethical hackers and security researchers

                Year in a row winning the GRRCon Car Hacking CTF (2021)


                When Good Guys Go Bad

                Beat the Threat: Adversarial Simulation Video Series

                The Secureworks Adversary Group thinks and acts like the adversary to help identify and expose vulnerabilities, challenge existing assumptions, and mitigate risk.

                Watch Now
                When Good Guys Go Bad

                White Paper

                Adversarial Security Testing

                Which Assessment is Right for Me?

                Test your security defenses and better understand your assessment options

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                Which Assessment is Right for Me?

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