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                Research & Intelligence

                Ransoms Demanded for Hijacked Instagram Accounts

                Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                An extensive phishing campaign has targeted corporate Instagram accounts since approximately August 2021. The threat actors demand ransoms from the victims to restore access. Read More

                Research & Intelligence

                WhisperGate: Not NotPetya

                Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                The WhisperGate wiper attacks in Ukraine may inspire memories of NotPetya, but there are significant distinctions. Security practices that mitigate ransomware attacks offer protection against WhisperGate. Read More

                Business Imperatives

                Log4j Threat Hunting Advice

                Nash Borges and Paul DiOrio

                Secureworks has published a list of observed malicious IP addresses on our public github repository in efforts to help organizations identify potential exploit of the Log4j vulnerability. Read More

                Research & Intelligence

                Log4j: What We’ve Learned so Far

                Mike McLellan - Director of Intelligence - Counter Threat Unit Research Team

                Most organizations are likely impacted by the Log4j vulnerability. Although the situation continues to evolve, identifying and patching vulnerable systems offers the best protection against exploitation. Read More